Robert Alan Clayton - Quiet Pride #804 Robert Alan Clayton - Quiet Pride #804

cat-robert-allen-claytonThat the deeply personal portraiture of Robert Clayton's Quiet Pride has received both national and international acclaim should come as no surprise.  With an award-winning career spanning more than two decades, his photography has grown as a natural extension of his desire, since childhood, to draw, to paint and to observe.  His early training in visual arts is strongly evident in the masterful design of his portraiture.  Reluctant to be pigeonholed as either a landscape or a portrait photographer, Robert is equally at home hanging out of a helicopter, hovering over a canyon rim or sitting attentively at the foot of a 115-year-old Athabaskan Indian Chief.

In fact, Robert doesn't think of himself as a photographer at all, but as an illustrator with a camera, shooting "below the surface" of what is actually there to capture fleeting emotions and subtle meanings which are the products of an instant in time.  A graduate of The Central Academy of Art and Design, Robert has worked as an illustrator and designer as well as a photographer.  His commercial clientele, international in scope, includes Air France, Bank of America, Bank of Montreal, Citibank, Chevron, Exxon and Arco.  Robert has also lectured and made guest speaking appearances at universities, professional organizations, and photography interested groups throughout the US.

Born in 1941 in Dayton,Ohio, Robert and his wife, Judith, live in Aurora, Colorado.  They have two sons, Robert and Christian, living in California.

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