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William Henry has defined a level of elegance in pocket knives that hinges on the palette of materials and techniques that we bring to bear on each piece we create. Our work is limited only by our imaginations, and we continue to push that envelope outward with every new style we offer. 

We source materials from around the world, testing and developing each for our specific applications; they must both serve both the aesthetics and function of the piece. One without the other is a failure of our vision. Superlative function, elevated to superlative art, is achieved by working with materials that are tough enough for daily use and exotic enough to surprise even the most jaded collector. 

To complete the vision, we incorporate techniques that range from state of the art CNC machining and precision waterjet cutting to traditional artisan practices that date back hundreds of years. We know what we want to make - we never stop searching for the best possible way to achieve that goal. Sometimes that search yields a machining center that fills an entire room - sometimes it requires a craftsperson at a bench surrounded by tools that belong to another era. 

The final result, the synthesis of this materials and techniques, is a unique testament to the art of William Henry.

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