paul-lockwood-bioPaul Lockwood, a native of the Denver area, owns Piece Unique glass studio. During course work at Hastings College where Paul majored in physics, he took glassblowing in order to fulfill an art credit. Paul discovered the fascinating medium of glass where human breath, along with centripetal force and gravity, creates a masterpiece of color and shape.

Though pursuing careers in other fields upon graduation nearly ten years ago, he dreamed of opening a glass studio some day. In the spring of 1998, the studio opened. The name Piece Unique was chosen because each piece of art created is one-of-a-kind. Paul has a different approach to glassblowing not commonly found among artists. Through the eyes of a physicist, he considers the myriad of chemical reactions possible that result with the intense heat. He considers the differing coefficients of reflection and refraction of the numerous colors and layers to attain the perception of depth and the explosion of color so characteristic of his work. Celebrate the beauty of glass!

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