Paul Foster - Near The Double RL Paul Foster - Near The Double RL

artist-Paul-FosterTNBorn in Colorado, Paul grew up in Denver’s Park Hill neighborhood. Trips and family picnics to Dedisse, Bergen, and Geneses Parks, Grand Lake, Esters Park, Trail Ridge Road, and, to the then small mountain hamlet of Evergreen, were frequent and memorable. Around age ten his family bought a small cabin on Upper Bear Creek and summers were now spent mostly in the mountains. Hiking through the woods, climbing nearby peaks and often just sitting and looking at Mount Evens and other members of the Colorado’s Back Range, left him in awe. These images and many others were beginning to sift ever deeper into his consciousness.

Always intrigued and fascinated with photography, his first camera, a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye and later a Kodak Signet 40, became Paul’s constant companion. With camera to his eye, composition, light, shade, shadow, texture, color and a sense of history developed in his mind and eye. Memories were laid down, and, over time, a collection of Colorado images took shape and a deep appreciation of the beauty and wonderful diversity of Colorado was growing.

Fast forward to 1963, with a newly minted degree in Architecture, Paul set off on a 45 year career in Architecture, urban design and planning, but a passion was burning, a passion to learn about watercolors. In 2004 an announcement of a class in Beginning Watercolors at the Denver’s Art Museum caught his eye and he decided that now was the time to explore this passion and to learn this magical medium. And, as a source of images for his paintings, Paul reached back into his vast collection of images from Colorado and New Mexico assembled over a lifetime.

In 1991, Paul along with a long time friend ventured to LaVeta for the first time. Their goal was to play golf on the Grandote Golf Course. But, almost as soon as they entered the town of LaVeta, Paul was taken by its sense of place, its authenticity. It was a remarkable and refreshing change from so many other historic towns in Colorado that had been modernized to contemporary taste and, in many cases ruined, by commercialism. Over the years Paul and his friend would return to LaVeta and with each trip his curiosity grew and deepened. Not only was the landscape beautiful, and the town so charming and authentic, but it was also a place for the arts. Finally in 2008 Paul returned to LaVeta this time without clubs. This time it was about LaVeta, its stunning landscape, its history, and its people. His interest in and passion for indigenous architecture, especially old barns, set in the stunning and beautiful Colorado landscape was found everywhere in and around LaVeta and the Cuchara Valley. He fell in love with this place and its people. In 2011 Paul, by now a frequent visitor, was invited to join the LaVeta Fine Art Gallery in lovely, little LaVeta. He could have not been more pleased.

Today, in addition to the LaVeta Fine Art Gallery, Paul’s work can also be seen at Elements 5280, in Greenwood Village, Co, the Hayden Hays Gallery at the Broadmoor, and West Southwest Gallery in Denver’s Cherry Creek. Paul has had the good fortune to have had a number of one man shows, including one at the Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado headquarters in Washington Park and a yearly show at Walker’s Gallery in Denver’s Country Club area. He is a Signature Member of the Colorado Watercolor Society. Artist statement: Colorado is my passion, old barns, mines and buildings are my muses.

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