brown230Judy Brown has been making jewelry for eight years. She has learned most of her skills through instruction from Randy Burns, an accomplished goldsmith.  Stone setting was acquired through instruction from the expert stonesetter, Shep Walden, well known in Denver for his exquisite skills.  She has taken numerous workshops with world renowned artists Harold O'Connor.  Additional workshops include instiratin and instruction from David Huang, Marne Ryan, Carol Webb, Eric Burris and Colorado artist Travis Ogden.

Her interest in metals begin with the realization that fabricated and cast silver can mimic the visual stimulation we experience from natures' own tactile textures.  There is inspiration in a child's discovery of their environment, the 1500 year old Bristlecone pines on Mount Evans, and the patterns of ocean waves in the sand.  Development of new skills and creative evolution is a lifelong endeavor that she hopes will inspire others to pursue their own creative self.  Judy teaches classes at the Denver School of Metal Arts.

She has received awards for her work including the 2012 "Best of Show" in the annual competition of artist from all mediums at the Colorado Gallery of the Arts.  In 2007 the Art Alliance of Littleton recognized her jewelry with 2nd place award followed by subsequent year awards from CGA for "Best in Jewelry" category.




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