george“Landscape painters have a special talent. They see, not only with their eyes but, with their hearts!” said Vicki Stavig, editor of monthly magazine, “Art in the West.” And, so it is with George Rentz, a 3rd generation Coloradan. His knowledge of the beauty of Colorado and the surrounding western states has become his most frequent subject for watercolor paintings and sketches.

Rentz has travelled extensively in the Western United States, Mexico and much of Latin America where he has captured scenes of Guatemalan women, Alpaca herders in Peru and Bolivia and open air markets from Cusco, Peru to Patzcuaro, Mexico. But his favorite subject remains the great Rocky Mountains, their streams, forests and snow covered peaks.

From a young age, Rentz was encouraged to draw by his parents. And, he did. Recognized by many for abilities as a draftsman, Rentz's sketches are always the beginning of his paintings. He uses that skill to understand scenes, to develop ideas and eventually to draft the key elements of paintings. Essentially, Rentz is a self taught artist and for over 20 years, he has worked with watercolor, considered by most experts to be the most difficult medium.

When asked why he chose to work in watercolor, Rentz responded, “I thought it would dry quickly and wouldn’t smell like turpentine.” But unlike oils, acrylics and other paints, transparent watercolor is applied just once and there is no way to erase or cover mistakes. So, there’s only one chance to get it right! Upon reflection he said, “Those were probably the wrong reasons to select watercolor. I still am testing and making errors most every day. Watercolor is like that; it is very challenging.” As a colleague wrote, “Rentz seems to see the bright side, the dramatic side of our world. In a world that is constantly changing, George has developed a remarkable talent that allows us to experience life in a still moment – forever lasting and never changing.”

Nacho Men lead singer, bass player and art collector, Kevin Ryan says this about Rentz, “His warm style has always been acknowledged by his friends and colleagues, but over the past few years his use of light and movement, and his balance and brushstrokes have made his work extremely sought after.”

A former executive with Time Warner Cable, Rentz earned Bachelor and Masters degrees in journalism and film production from the University of Denver where he also played and coached lacrosse. He lives in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado with his wife Cynthia, and their two Labrador retrievers.

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